I grew up in a tiny town in rural NC. The kind where it's too small to have a post office so your address lists a different county. There were no theaters for at least 60 miles and having a dream of being an actress was crazy talk.

I attended North Carolina School of the Arts for drama then traveled to the UK and studied acting.  

In other non-acting worlds, I'm a mom of twins and I go to playgrounds, splash pads, zoos and gardens a lot. I'm in the one with the big hat and two boys.

I'm French, German, Polish and Iroquois descent. Just say my name like it looks. Linzmarie (lenz ma-rie)

I write a lot. I wrote the scripts for my acting class in middle school, the scripts for the college soap opera I was on, shorts, features, pilots and book. 

Also here is a video of me performing at the NBA Bobcats (now Hornets) Zumba Halftime show.