They Got Out                                    Supporting (Upset Secretary)                              Cristin Azure/dir: Chiken Green                           

When We Were...                              Supporting (Newspaper Boss)                            Mann Woman Productions/dir: Sheri Mann Stewart

Let's Get Freaky                                Supporting (Crazed Groupie)                              Single Serving Pictures/ dir: Braeden Orr

Jailbait                                               Supporting (Dumb Criminal)                                Single Serving Pictures/ dir: Braeden Orr
Eveline                                              Lead (Emotionally Abused Daughter)                  M& L Productions/ dir: Lisa Denny Senyk
The QWERTY Kid                             Supporting (Controlling Office Manager)             Flying Turkey Productions/ dir: Jason Rubenstein
After Hours                                        Lead (Girlfriend Breaking Up)                             NC School of the Arts Short/ dir: Dan Motsinger


​Murder Calls                                      Guest Star (Lead FBI Agent)                                Investigation Discovery/ dir: Brian Peery

Fatal Attraction                                  Co-Star (Upset Nurse)                                         TV One/ dir: Chad Cunningham

Homicide Hunter                                Co-Star (Helpful Event Organizer)                       Investigation Discovery/dir: Jeffrey Woods

​Dire Straits                                         Recurring (Bipolar patient)                                 Single Serving Pictures/ dir: Braeden Orr


Conflicts available upon request.

Regional Theater

Othello                                               Emilia(Supporting- Trusting and Wronged Wife)  Theatre in the Square/dir: Emil Thomas (GA) 

Europa                                               Shelly (Lead-Crazy Boss)                                    Onion Man Productions/dir: James Beck (GA)

First Christmas                                  Woman (Lead-Sweet Wife)                                   On Stage Atlanta/ dir: Elisabeth Cooper (GA)

The Light                                            Ada (Lead-Eager Nun)                                         On Stage Atlanta/ dir: William Thurmond (GA)

​Enraptured                                         Ruth  (Lead-Emotional Zealot)                             Onion Man Productions/ dir: James Beck (GA)              

Two Gentlemen of Verona                 Lucetta (Supporting-Best Friend)                          Studio 3 Theatre/ dir: Ted Shaffner (NC)

The Snow Queen                              Robber Queen (Supporting-Stressed Bandit)       Kenan Theater/ dir: Blake Bradford (NC)

Jitters                                                 Tammy (Supporting-Luckless in Love)                  The Company Acting Studio/ dir: John Stoneburner (GA) Under Milkwood                                 Mrs. Pugh & co. (Lead-Overbearing Wife)            Kenan Theater/ dir: Charlie Mitchell (NC)                      Camino Real                                      Lady Mulligan (Supporting-Cruel Wife)                 Kenan Theater/ dir: Greg Kable (NC)

A Midsummer Night's Dream             Hermia (Lead-Young Lover)                                  Newkirk Theater/ dir: Beverly Bridgers  (NC)

​Annie                                                 Ensemble/ Grace (Understudy-British Secretary)  Carolina Civic Center/ dir: Troy Rudeseal (NC)

Formal Training​

North Carolina School of the Arts 
Improvisation/ Modern Acting/ Scene Study/ Comedy/ Stage Combat

British American Drama Academy 
Master Acting Classes/ Movement/ Voice/ Modern Theatre/ High Comedy/ Shakespeare
Instructors: Alan Rickman, Fiona Shaw, John Jones, Lynn Farleigh, John Barton, David Willis, Ben Benison

Additional Training

Advanced Scene Study with Clayton Landey              Alliance Theater                               Atlanta, GA (ongoing)

On Camera  with Barbara Divisek                               Atlanta Acting Arts                            Atlanta, GA (ongoing)

Specificity and Scene Analysis with Tim Phillips         Tim Phillips Studio                            Atlanta, GA 

Cold Reading with Martinez                                         Get Scene                                        Atlanta, GA

Master Acting  with Wykham Avery                             Shakespeare Theatre                       Washington, DC

Shakespeare Acting with  Floyd King                          Shakespeare Theatre                       Washington, DC

Scene Study with Donald Hicken                                 Everyman Theater                            Baltimore, MD

Special Skills

Dance: Studied tap, ballet, jazz, Zumba instructor
Music: Mezzo Soprano
Sports: Volleyball, soccer, softball, basketball, hiking
Accents/Dialects: Various southern (country, old south), Various British (English, Cockney) Irish, Scottish, French, Russian, Italian, German old Katherine Hepburn

Languages: English, French

Other: Stage Combat, Certified Nurse Assistant Training