“Command the Ocean” takes place in the United States in 1893, just 30 years after the civil war when the country is still trying to find its equilibrium after nearly being split in half. Set in the Outer Banks of North Carolina, the 7 part series features shipwrecks, storms, piracy, lighthouses and lifesaving. It has themes of love, regret, whether you’re defined by your past or you grow from it, the different ways people approach the world, family, friendship and forgiveness. 

Currently being adapted into a novel, which won, "Judges' Favorite" at the 2018 Ink and Insights Contest.

Short film available for option.

"The Legacy of Noname Fish."

Two best friends boys Jake and Essu are in charge of their school's aquarium in which

lives a fish named Noname. Essu transfers schools after being bullied. Noname dies and Jake writes a eulogy

about him. 

Sizzle Reel for  feature length script

"Davie Poplar"

Two college seniors about to graduate

get in a car wreck and see their last year

of college flash before them. The year is

made of life, love, friendship, heartbreak

and hope.