The lifesaving storm season spanning September to May has started. The surfmen, predecessors of the coast guard who boarded sinking ships that wrecked in sight of shorelines, have already encountered losses and are soon to face more. In the Outer Banks of NC, an isolated, rugged landscape shaped by storms, Surfman Anson Scarborough chases a threat beyond the patrol area along with the station cook. They interrupt a man luring a ship aground that has dire consequences for Anson; it's the father of his long lost wife who ran away to the mainland. While Anson navigates the chaos of the lifesaving season, his former wife flees Baltimore with the harbor police in pursuit of whom they believe is the queen of the oyster pirates (pillagers of oyster beds under the cloak of the night). Her exodus leaves her heading for Outer Banks and on a course for fateful encounters with her estranged husband and the cook who is newly promoted to the all-Black lifesaving station.

"Judges' Favorite" for novel in progress in 2018 Ink and Insights Contest.

Short film available for option.

"The Legacy of Noname Fish."

Two best friends boys Jake and Essu are in charge of their school's aquarium in which

lives a fish named Noname. Essu transfers schools after being bullied. Noname dies and Jake writes a eulogy

about him. 

**"Stand by Me" type of story

Writing Resume

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, NC                                         
Bachelor of Arts Communications
Lambda Pi Eta, National Pi Eta, National Honors Society for Communications Studies
GPA 3.588

North Carolina School of the Arts- Filmmaking Summer Session
Specialized in Screenwriting and Producing
Develop and direct short narrative script
Crewed on 4 other short films as 1st AD and Producer

College Writing Experience
Head Writer/Guest Writer | UNC CH Student Television | Chapel Hill                                 
Head Writer for Serial Drama General College
Guest Writer for Action Comedy R.A.V.E.
Supervised writing team and approve quality and content
Edited audio and video
Designed and produced promotions for upcoming season and special events
Pitched story and episode scripts to producers

Professional Filmmaking Work History
Assistant Project Manager| HENNINGER MEDIA SERVICES | Washington, DC                                 
Developed and executed post-production schedule within multiple departments both internal and external on limited and extended timetables during political season for both political campaigns and National Geographic, Discovery Channel and other projects including broadcast programming, television ads, and corporate video.
Provided support to Senior Project Managers as well as respond to requests from billings, sales and general operations

Sizzle Reel for  feature length script

"Davie Poplar"

Two college seniors about to graduate

get in a car wreck and see their last year

of college flash before them. The year is

made of life, love, friendship, heartbreak

and hope.